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Special mods and upgrades for Z3.

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Below are some of the modifications and upgrades which I have designed and now supply specifically for the Z3 cars. All these items are made so that if you wish to restore your Z3 to OEM status in future, it will not involve the replacement of any original parts. All items come with a comprehensive guide to fitting and are posted "Registered Airmail / Signed for"

Firstly, I have the Seat belt plastic guide application. This item will prevent the guide from being broken, and if it is already broken, will secure it solidly so that it functions as perfectly as if unbroken. ie. it doesn't require replacement.

They are available in Black or Silver and are engraved with the "roadster" logo which matches the type style of the Z3. Cost incl of posting is Eu.33.00 for a set of 2.



Next is a seat lift application which was designed in conjuntion with a technical designer at Land Rover. It's purpose is to lift the front mounting points of the seats so that the passengers tend not to slide forward and slouch in the seats. Sliding on the leather seats is a normal event, and is uncomfortable especially on long drives. The modification provides a fitting which is as secure as the OEM fastening system. They are designed to fit into the OEM recess design to ensure they cannot move once fitted. The "nipple" on the underside fits into a recess in the floor, and the nipple on the underside of the seat base fits into the machined recess of the spacer.The metals / steel used in these components were specified by Land Rover to ensure that they would meet or exceed OEM safety. So, no problems with insurances etc. They cost Eu. 48.00 per seat.


Next are the headlight clear lenses to replace the orange plastic ones found on many Z3's of earlier manufacture. Later models were produced with the clear lenses. The ones I supply are identical in all respects as the OEM parts and their fitment is therefor identical. The cost is Eu. 62.00 per set of 2.



Lastly, I have designed and developed a center armrest which can be fitted without the requirement of the OEM plastic cup holder. It will leave the existing storage in the center console intact and usable. It also provides a cup holder which swivelr in / out from under the leather upholstered armrest. They are available in black or silver annodised frame and the choice of leather colour is Black / Beige or Red. The red colour I can supply is very close to the Tanninrot of BMW, but may require some re-colouring to closely match your existing interior. The cost of these are Eu. 175.00




I can also supply the leather upholstered armrest only with suitable hinged fitting for application to the OEM plastic center cup holder. The cost of that is Eu.84.00


Please PM me if you have any questions about any of the above, or if you wish to order parts..... :thumbup:

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