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  1. Batterij Kabels en zekering probleem Hi All Ik heb een zware winter gehad voor mijn Z3. Hij heeft in december gereden. Maar vorst en water gaven me een probleem met de batterijkabels. Om meer te krijgen met mijn oude auto (1997 Z3 E36), moet ik enkele kabels van mijn accu vervangen. Tevens een zekering (70). Kunt u mij adviseren welke onderdelen of waar ik ze kan kopen? Zoals je kunt zien op de foto, veel roest mvg Eric Foto
  2. Another question. Should I try to reset all the modules? I have now the details how to? Just to see if there are more errors defined?
  3. Hi All Thanks to Pim who was kind enough to lend me his ODB reader I finally got one code called E and then 10. The E stands for error when the OBD reader cannot get all data and a eventually a reset is needed ( as I have read and the plug was well put into the connector) . I do have oil services and the airbag lamp (goes away after 2 min) burning on the dashboard so hence this could be the reason for the E. Hence what I have understood its a crankshaft sensor issue. Any comments are more then welcome. cheers
  4. I think i should get an OBD reader........
  5. I have just realized that the click I heard from the engine is from the box (near the jump cable position (red cross)). where the DME is located. I thought this was interesting. I have tried to locate the fuel pump relay and wasnt sure which one was what. Took some pictures of the fuses for any support.
  6. I am using this document to help me. Could be handy for others as well. Will check DME and the fuel relay
  7. I doubt if my key has a RFID chip since I only see the key light as a function. This is an old model. How would one solve the matter with the EWSII module?, I will try tomorrow to start with more space between the attempts. Anyway ways to check the fuel pump functioning? Didnt hear any sounds behind the passenger seat.
  8. well, my fuse collection has a wonderful german language...anyway I couldn't find the fuse diagram on your link. I am staring to think its around the starter/alternator and even perhaps the solenoid connections. I believe you should measure the voltage around there to see if at ;east voltage is getting there? I could try a push start but doing that alone isnt easy. Anyway, hope more comments will come up. cheers
  9. Thx. I do think its electrical (gremlin indeed) but finding someone with an OBD reader nearby uithoorn/mijdrecht is more then welcome to help out and check.I will check all the fuses. Any numbers in particular I need to double check? FYI i also have the following: I get the "check oil because the bar is now yellow on the dashboard") I have added oil but believe this is something you will need to reset after a checkup. Also my airbag sign is on for 2 min and then disappears. This has been going on for a few months. I am aware this car needs to go through a good check but would like it to star
  10. Bedankt...maar niemand die mij suggesties kan geven voor de staart problemen.? :-(
  11. Dear All, Sorry to write this in English. Hope its ok. I just had a great year driving the Z3. It hasn't given me any problems so far until recently. A serious one where the car simply doesn't start. Its kinda ironic since I need to get an "APK keuring"before the 18th of March. Now I just want the car to drive me to a garage and get what you call a "beurt". I will list my issues according the severity. Starter problem I had my alternator/starter replaced last year. Also bought a new battery. The car started brilliantly until just recently. I have tested the battery (all good), checked some o
  12. simply the cardan. did make an update on the topic..:-(
  13. Visited Ruud and found out that it is the cardan. Hope I spelled this right. Not the best information since its getting a higher cost to get this car. I have contacted the garage where I bought the car from to complain. I have already had allot of repairs so far and have not been lucky so far. If nothing comes up, then we always have Roodkaapje.:-)...time to save some money... Anyway, was great to meet Ruud and other z2 enthusiasts. He also mentioned the even on the 1st Thursday in the month. May be a nice idea to meet fellow z3 owners..:-)
  14. Ok cool Diagnose solved: Its the alternator. How this was determined: Symptoms: 1. New Battery empty 2. Strange sound, almost whining determined in the engine compartment (pls see above video) 3. A distinct smell of burned electricity Diagnose Approach: 1. Either charge your battery or jump start the car by using another car with jump cables 2. Once the car is running check voltage with a Voltmeter on two places (range 20v) 1. on the battery to check if the alternator charges the battery. 2. Under the hood left top side, measure the voltage. In my case the charge of battery did take place but
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