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Roof – check that it opens and closes properly and locks into place, then drive home with the roof down if poss and listen out for any squeaks. Hold the roof open/close button down long enough to check that the window go back up after each operation. Also check any key programming related to the roof.

Windows - check both including one touch function and listen for rattles, there is a known problem with window rattles*

Electric/Heated seats - check all functions

Mirrors - check all functions

Lights - including Auto light function, indicators, hazards, fogs, boot/trunk and interior

Interior central locking button - next to hazard light button

Air Conditioning - including heating and demisters as soon as you can

Alarm - this isn't standard in all countries but if you have it, check that it is working



CD Player

Autochanger if you have one (take cds with you)

Check any Ipod connections

SatNav – test it!

Multi Function Steering Wheel

Volume Controls

Track/Station Change

Telephone buttons if Bluetooth fitted and phone connected


Check for scuffs, scratches, dents, stonechips and bumps in paintwork including the favoured place of whacks, under front skirt. Run your hand under where you can't see.


Alloys - are they the correct ones? Check for any scratches or marks from kerbing

Locking Wheel Nuts have they been fitted (general consensus is these should be FREE)

Tyre pressures - generally this is 33psi front and 36psi rear but check as the tyres are pressurised to prevent flat spots during shipping and dealers sometimes forget to adjust them.

Valve Caps - there should be 4!


Chrome exhaust tips - fitted properly?

Filler cap cover - give it a firm wiggle to make sure it's not loose**

Keys - check both work

Brake light on boot/trunk – check for cracks as this is known to have a weakness***

Boot - for the first week check it's shut before you drive off, it's very easy to hit the boot release button on the key by accident

Boot release - in driver footwell

Steering Column - check adjustment


Options/Accessories - If you've ordered any other options , check they're fitted and that they work e.g. cupholders, cruise control, PDC, TV, wind deflector

Key Programming - Get any key programming done that you required and check that it works. See this thread for a list

Manuals - Make sure you have all of them and your V5 before accepting the car

Hidden paint chips/roughness - Run your finger around the edge of all shut lines etc to check for paint chips.

Inside boot/trunk - ensure all safety equipment has been supplied

Rain Sensor - If it’s not raining, pour a cup of water on the sensor behind the center rearview mirror after activating the system. Check for any air bubbles behind the rear view mirror from the outside as these can affect the RS operation

Headlight Washer - standard on 3.0, option on others

No Model Inscription - check if specified

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