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Hello all. I'm new to this forum, but have been a long time member at in the UK. Maybe one or two members here will know me from that forum?

Anyhow, I have over the past years contributed to the Z3 in particular with some useful modifications which enhance the driving and appearance of these lovely cars. I have made a donation to the forum, and hopefully I will shortly be able to present these to the members here so that they too can enjoy the benefits of my efforts.

I have owned and driven a Z3 as a daily driver for the past 12 years and my first Z3 was a 1997 2.8. I spent some effort on it's maintenance and sold it in Nov 2013 for just over £.10,000.00.... yes, it's possibly the most expensive Z3 in South Africa. I will do a separate post with some pictures so that anyone interested can see the transition of that car from a very ordinary OEM Z3 to a really attractive Z3 roadster.

So far, I have designed an attractive solution to the breaking seat belt guide, a center armrest which doesn't require the plastic cupholder, a 100% safe seat lift modification which enhances the driving comfort and reduces the tendency to slide forward on the leather seats, and also most recently I make and supply clear headlight indicator lenses to replace the amber ones. All my items require no alterations to the OEM status of these cars, and are fully reversible.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to being a valued contributor on this forum and anyone interested in my history on can pop in there and look at my posts / contributions... also under the name "SOUTHERNBOY"

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On behalf of the forum crew: welcome Southern boy! Good having our first South African contributor and we look forward to the descriptions of the modifications you mention above.

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My Afrikaans is such that it would confuse rather than facilitate comprehension... However, I can keep it simple and say:- Goeie more almal. Ek is baie tevrede om op hierdie forum verwelkom... hopefully that makes as much sense to readers as I imagine it might... if I have messed up spelling etc or suggested anything untoward, it isn't intentional... :lol:

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It's undoubtedly the most impressive Z3 in SA... nobody here has the degree of passion to bother much with looking after them and maintaining / improving them. The local guys are more the VW GTi types or the BMW M3 & 5 fanatics. The older e30's are more sought after by the "drifting" boys... :lol:

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